Why Should I Use a Broker?

Here are 10 quick tips to consider:

When buying -

1)      Brokers are licensed and bonded in Florida!  This helps to assure they will be professional and ethical in their dealings with you. 

2)      Brokers know the market.  They know what’s currently available, prices of sold boats, the ‘story’ behind the yacht, financing sources, insurance sources. 

3)      Brokers coordinate all the paperwork in a yacht transaction.  They know how to make an offer on your behalf, how to handle sales or use taxes, how to smooth out the closing process, how to make the USCG documentation run smoothly.

4)      Brokers can be a great help in the Survey.  They know the market here and can make meaningful recommendations, obtain quotes, interpret the findings and lead the negotiations that may result from the findings.

5)      Brokers are with you after the sale.  They coordinate any work on the yacht that is needed, assist in finding a slip and even help in coordinating the delivery of the yacht to your chosen location. 

When selling –

6)      Brokers’ knowledge of the market is a resource to you.  They can help price the yacht for you while matching your time horizon.

7)      Brokers have access to a lot of marketing tools to let the market know your yacht is for sale.  They carefully get the specifications, pictures and history of your yacht. 

8)      Brokers are your representatives in the market.  They show your boat to prospective buyers and keep you informed along the way.

9)      Brokers will continually keep you up to date on current market conditions.

10)   Brokers can help you with how best to make your yacht more presentable to the market so that you can get the most for your boat!


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